Leave your car with the experts ALL THE MAINTENANCE FAST Need new tires? COME TO US. READY TO RACE? We are.

Car needs maintenance? Have us do all the work


The team of Saksa Auto AMK will guarantee that your luxury car or sportscar is always maintained and repaired to its factory specifications and we will find a solution to any issues your vehicle might run into over the years of ownership. The maintenance work is done by our carefully chosen mechanics. They are the absolute professionals on their job and share the passion for exclusive cars.

Saksa Auto AMK has been a reliable partner for many racing teams – we have been building and maintaining their race cars by the highest standards and supplying the teams with everything needed from helmets to gloves. Here at AMK we sell high end racing gear, tires, wheels and most of the other accessories necessary in racing.


Saksa Auto AMK represents a team of expert car mechanics. We concentrate specially on luxury cars and sportscars which demand special care and knowledge. We hold a wide variety of factory service manuals for most of the high end cars found in the Baltics and Scandinavia and we stock a great number of genuine specialty tools produced by the car manufacturers. If you have a problem with your car or are just looking for a regular maintenance, we will book a suitable reservation and will find a solution to any issue your beloved car might have.


If you have an interesting car in need of restoration or some touch up, you can most certainly rely on us for the job. Over the years we have professionally restored many remarkable vehicles and no matter whether it’s a supercar or a 4×4, new projects are always welcome.


Saksa Auto AMK is not just about selling tires and wheels. Very often we get requests from customers who are demanding tires in a more special size and for a defined task. We are able to offer all this for an affordable price. Our warehouse hosts the most popular tire configurations for Bentley, Ferrari and Lamborghini cars. Even if the particular tire is not available on location, we are usually able to deliver in just a few days.


Our company started the business years ago as a builder and maintainer of race cars and motorcycles while also offering pit lane services. We are experts at preparing race cars for the series,  repairing and maintaining them on demand throughout the season. Come to us if you need a team capable of providing the best possible all inclusive solution for your race car – be it the BMW Cup, Porsche GT3 or something totally different.

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